Wa Sender Pro v 7.3



Features of the program

✅ Send messages text and image. Text and video,Image, Video, Files and Audio files.
✅ The possibility of sending the message on behalf of the company or the name of the client.
✅ You can send using the program from your mobile phone or from the Android simulator on the computer
✅ Generate random numbers in any quantity + Add the country code to any number of numbers.
✅ Send speed 20 messages / minutes without saving numbers on mobile.


Wa Sender Pro V7.3

Even though new products and consumers do not have it, it is very easy to get more
sales by using WASenderPro , with just 3 easy steps
WA Sender Pro Is Not Just a Sender of Ordinary Bulk Promotions! 
Complete Features Make It Very PowerFull:
Even though new products and no customers will be very easy to get a lot of sales
by using WASenderPro , enough with 3 easy steps below:
FREE Promotion with High Conversion &
Reaching Prospects RIGHT Automatically!

Whatsapp Sender Pro v6.3 is a program that allows you to send
messages directly to your client and directly target your customers directly and provide your sales
(text, image, video, voice, documents)The task of the program is to send the Whatsapp campaigns and target the client directly through Whatsapp website and works via mobile or an android simulator on the computer.
Our top priority is to provide excellent service to you to make the most of the program to serve your business and your activity.

WA Sender Pro Is Not Just a Sender of Ordinary Bulk Promotions!


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