Viking Telegram Tool



Viking Telegram Tool is an all in one telegram marketing software. You can export membersfrom your competitor’s telegram group and add them to your group or send bulk messages to any group members. You can also export telegram group member’s user ids to a txt file by using our tool.The software can also create channels and increase channel members quickly and efficiently. It’s safe with Telegram TOS because we are using telegram API. Exporting your competitor’s most active group members is the best way to grow your group.


Viking Telegram Tool

What is Telegram
Telegram is a free cross-platform messaging app that may also be regarded as a combination between Whatsapp’s messaging speed and Snapchat’s security.

Telegramis currently considered the hottest messaging app in the world, integrated across multiple platforms and operating systems.

It provide a highly secure way of communicating for telegram subscribers that you can text, interact with friends without worries about being hacked by security agencies or hackers.


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