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AutoWasap Android or Whatsapp Blaster is the intuitive program for your whatsapp for send bulk of messages on whatsapp. You can send multiple numbers with few steps and save your time and money. Excellent tool for business purpose and digital marketing. Send Bulk Whatsapp messages with a chain of campaign with your android phone using your number. There is no need to scan your whatsapp with the web PC. It fully a mobile use program to send automatic bulk of messages on whatsapp. Simply load your contact list, customize or edit your message, select the contact or use send bulk execute once. You can create a campaign and maintain the marketing strategy with speed control. Also, set delay time between the messages sending and you can control even in the sleep timings. Whatsapp bulk message sender is the dynamic tool to create message, send them, advances the anti block algorithms, prevents spin text module and customize functionality of variable automated messaging. It offers Multilanguage support so you can use as per your choice.


The best program that will keep you up to date with customer list and you can perform campaign manually as well as automatically. Simply personalize the text that will not be a complicated enough for you. You can also install this tool in the PC as an administration and synchronize as android emulator. It will not let any contact to skip and there is no need to root your android device. Whatsapp bulk Message sender will lets you to save money by not using task app or other auto input as well as it doesn’t carry ads so to use simply. You can add custom name package to add time stamp in every automatically send message. You can view the delivery report and make retry to send if message was unable to sent. 


Whatsapp bulk Message sender offers add schedule message to send bulk messages on whatsapp so you can even mention names during sending messages. Also you can set auto reply or auto receive message and broadcast a single message to maximum groups with 3 simple steps. Easy extract WA number from chats, phone and groups. Faster, easier and more friendly tool than ever before.  It works with 3 simple steps. Firstly you have to upload multiple numbers of list or contacts and type the message you want or select media like image, videos or document. Start sending messages with a single click and just enjoy the feedback. 

While designing this tool we actually care about your time and money. As this is very friendly for business owners so you can use its automation technology to connect your marketing to the world. Rather than selecting single contact its old method now one click to send bulk messages easily. However, it is the perfect solution that will save your much time and effort. All you need is to gather a list of contact and save it in your phone and further will be done by the program. Whatsapp Message Scheduler also offers facility to import contact in CSV or TXT format very easily. 

AutoWasap Android app(v3.3 r16)

AutoWasap Android Features: 

  • Fully designed Whatsapp marketing solution
  • Send message in a very smooth way 
  • Support multiple accounts
  • Limitless passage to send messages
  • Send multiple PPTs, Word Files, Images and videos
  • Delay control and Speed control featured
  • Anti-block functionality and multi text message sleep control
  • Data extractor module and filter numbers module available
  • Quick message send to call logs and badge processing
  • Upload contact list file in CSV and TXT file
  • Available to send 300 messages at a time
  • Interval between messages sending time
  • Spin tax included for during message sending and more
  • Contacts management and 2-way messaging 
  • Mass texting and MMS support
  • Text to win short code available
  • Schedule messages and view delivery reports 
  • Message analysis, make polls and mobile keyword search
  • Mobile media coupon and message personalizing 
 1. Can send message to call logs
 2. Can send message to contacts list
 3. Can send message to upload list (TXT/CSV)
 4. Can send from multiple whatsapp profile
 5. Can rotate whatsapp profile during sending
 6. Can send message with different text (spintax)
 7. Can send Text, Image, Video, Document, Audio, Contact
 8. Can adjust time interval between message
 9. Can send up to 30~40 messages per minutes
 10. Can install in PC using Android emulator
 11. Automatic skip number if dont have whatsapp account
 12. No need rooted device
 13. No need AutoInput or Tasker app
 14. No ads in application
 15. 100% use Android phone (no need PC to send)
 16. Can add custom package name
 17. Can add timestamp in each message automatically
 18. Can view delivery report & retry to send 
 19. Can schedule message to send
 20. Can mentioned name during sending
 21. Can autoreply any receiver message
 22. Can broadcast message to all joined groups within 1-click!
 23. Can extract WA number from group, chat & phone 

• Android 4.4 and above
• Any Whatsapp accounts

Bullk Whatsapp sender can be used for large or small type business companies for their digital marketing purpose and for other businesses. It is also called best bulk message sender tool that is most advance for market and easy to use. Most recognized communication program that can be used by both beginners and professionals. Also it has much great features love to use by people as per reviews. Also, it offers all-set intuitive graphical interference that will save your money and time. Amazing features also includes easy video call and audio call that will save your daily cost rather than regular mobile charge. In fact, when you send message than you can detect he message either it has been seen or not. 


Using AutoWasAp Android you will experience an amazing opportunity due it has all new open features that were lacking in other marketing programs. Similarly, it has edit option that if the message has been sent then the pop-up voice will be available. It can also help you to correct wrong spell typos within the chat. Before sending a message in broadcast way it will ask you to before sending so you can make sure that the broadcast you are making is accurate. It would be pretty nice when the message has been sent from general and you may also raise a question if your message viewer is in confusion. It will not let you android speed to be slow down. Hence, it will not take lot of memory of your android phone. 

This tool has identified as the beneficial for the marketing agents in the way that they can broadcast message to the targeted audience. You may also scrap the details of numbers those are interested in your product or services. The most beautiful thing about this tool is amazing features and functionalities that can be made available to every contact. For your better assistance we have provided easy user guidance for use of Whatsapp bulk broadcast messages.


1 MOBILE License, Unlimited MOBILE License


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